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09 October 2017

Local Democracy Week

On October 9th, I had the wonderful opportunity to invite over 100 school children from 10 different local primary schools up to Parliament to mark Local Democracy Week.


The children were divided into their school groups before heading off on their own special tours of Parliament by a tour guide. They visited the House of Commons and the House of Lords chambers, Westminster Hall, Central Lobby and more! They learnt lots of new facts and about the history of the Houses of Parliament and how our democracy works. After the children spent their lunch break discussing all they had discovered, they were rewarded with certificates for their wonderful behaviour throughout the day!


I hope all the children and teachers enjoyed their day out to the Houses of Parliament! Thank you to the children of Hillcross Primary School, Lonesome Primary School, SS Peter and Paul Primary School, Merton Park Primary School, Links Primary School, Stanford Primary School, Sherwood School, Abbotsbury Primary School, St Thomas of Canterbury and Malmesbury Primary School for being a credit to their schools!