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PV March

Over recent days, weeks and months, the country has watched on as Parliament has remained gridlocked - with every news channel dominated by one issue: Brexit.

The Prime Minister’s deal has been rejected by Parliament three times, breaking Parliamentary records for the size of the defeats. The House of Commons continually opposes the prospect of a no deal, but until a deal is in place, Article 50 is revoked, or an extension is confirmed, a no deal is the default position.

What’s more, the Speaker has continually ruled that the Prime Minister’s deal, in its same form, cannot be brought back without substantial changes. I voted against the deal brought back by the Prime Minister. There is no doubt in my mind that the deal put before Parliament would not deliver on the many promises that were made to voters ahead of the 2016 Referendum. It would not deliver for our country and it would not deliver for our constituency. It would have meant not taking back sovereignty but giving more of it away, desperately accepting rules that we have no control over. I will not be voting to make Mitcham and Morden, London or the UK poorer.

The Prime Minister has even assured those in her Party not backing her deal that she will resign if it is passed. But even that hasn't been enough for many!

So where does that leave us? Theresa May still continues as Prime Minister (for now) simply because of the unpopularity of her policy. The House of Commons remains at an impasse.

In a word: gridlock.

But there is a clear solution!

In March, 1 million people took to the streets to call for a People’s Vote and the most popular indicative policy in the House of Commons is for the public to have their say.

Because the one thing that unites both sides of the debate is that nobody voted for the deal that is on the table. Looking back to 2016, I know so much more about the impact of leaving the European Union than I did then. I suspect that is true for all of us. I have been amazed by the politicians and commentators who suggest that our economy taking a hit would be a price worth paying. We all know that the people who get hit first are always the poorest.

We gave the responsibility for deciding on whether we should leave the EU to the people of this country, and now we have seen the terms of the Brexit deal brought back by the Prime Minister, I believe those same people deserve to have their say.

Watch my speech below: