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#GetKidsConnected Thanks to the internet, children across our country are able to continue learning despite the closure of schools. It has given families the lifeline of remaining in contact with relatives, providing them with entertainment to stay indoors throughout the lockdown, and even offering digital exercise sessions for those who cannot go outside. But these diversions are not available to those families without internet access.

That’s why Siobhain has launched a #GetKidsConnected campaign to ensure that some of the most vulnerable families in our community have access to the internet during the lockdown.

We are delighted to report that Tesco Mobile have sent 140 mobile phones filled with data, Three have now posted a number of tablets and phones and Ebay yesterday pledged £3,000 in support! This week, Siobhain delivered the phones to a number of our local schools who had requested support. Huge thanks to local health visitor Debbie who has helped distribute the phones to even more families who did not have internet access before this week.

If you work at a technology company or know somebody able to help, please let me know by emailing mcdonaghs@parliament.uk. Thank you to everyone helping to #GetKidsConnected during the lockdown!