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Devastating Government cuts to our police have resulted in a loss of almost 20,000 officers nationally since 2010. It's no wonder hundreds of Mitcham residents turned out to Siobhain's community meeting about the problems of antisocial behaviour and street drinking in Mitcham Town Centre.

Siobhain shares the frustration of many residents that this longstanding problem has not been resolved and thinks that it is extremely important that it is urgently tackled.

The police who attended the community meeting were staggered at the turnout and London's Deputy Mayor for Policing described it as one of the largest public meetings that she has seen.

The meeting has led to a number of results:

  • All of the CCTV cameras have been checked and are working, with all of the trees and bushes that could have prevented them from operating effectively now cut back.
  • Merton Council's contractors 'Kingdom' are now issuing penalty charge notices to street drinkers.
  • Betfred have introduced a temporary security guard.

Though all of the above is progress, we all know that we need more police on our streets. Siobhain believes that more visible policing is needed in Mitcham to reduce the level of crime and to make the community feel safer.

Mitcham Town Centre is now covered in posters calling for more Bobbies on the Beat and Siobhain has even brought the issue to the House of Commons. Watch below!


If you would like a poster calling for more Bobbies on the Beat, please email

On a related issue, the Government has this month backed down on pressure regarding the issue of fixed-odds betting terminals – called the crack cocaine of gambling. Earlier this year, they had agreed to lower the stake on fixed-odds betting terminals from £100 to £2, but then bowed to pressure from the gambling industry and delayed this change.

Siobhain took to the House of Commons to call on the Government to reconsider their decision and bring to an end this horrible and exploitative form of gambling. Her speech sparked conversation and coverage on the Today Programme and she was delighted to hear that the Government has had a u-turn, confirming that the change will take place from April 2019.